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Mmonb FIFA 18 1.05 UPDATE arrives for PS4, Xbox One and PC fans before FUT TOTW launch

FIFA 18 1.05 update has arrived for PS4, Xbox One and PC fans this week, ahead of the latest FUT TOTW week launch from EA Sports.

A new FIFA 18 patch has been rolled out today on nearly every major platform.

The FIFA 18 1.05 update looks to remove a new exploit found by fans to help beat the computer when it comes to FUT battles.

EA Sports explains: "This update includes the following change, which was made because some players were using an unintended gameplay mechanic to beat the computer on higher difficulty levels in FUT Squad Battles."

As mentioned above, EA have now removed the chance for the CPU AI controlled player to receive a second yellow card when trying to push or pull an opponent, with the exception of an attacker who is through on goal and 1 on 1 with the keeper.

This was apparently being used by enough people to warrant a response from the development team, who also confirmed that this would not impact on human controlled players.

While this was one of the only major things changed in the last build of the game, EA have released patch notes to explain how things with the AI works.

To better explain this change we wanted to provide some additional context around how the CPU team plays the game.
"The CPU plays the game as you would, limited by the same input restrictions as a human player is," the patch notes explain.

"This means that the CPU team has an active player, just like you do, which we call the CPU AI controlled player.

A CPU AI controlled player exists in the following circumstances:

On a team with no human players.
For example, the CPU controlled team in Squad Battles.
On a team with human players who are all locked to specific players, that also has CPU teammates.
"For example, a Pro Clubs team, with less than 11 human players, with no ANY player.

A CPU AI controlled player does not exist in the following circumstances:

On a team with human players who are not locked to specific players.
For example, a team in FUT Champions.

This new update has been pushed ahead of the usual FIFA 18 TOTW release, which will occur tomorrow, around 6pm UK time.

FIFA Ultimate Team gamers eagerly anticipate the weekly release of in-form and upgraded card after a weekend of fixtures, and the international break is no different.

With the majority of nations taking part in friendlies and World Cup play-offs, there were plenty of top class performances which could be worthy of a ratings boost.

Croatia cruised past Greece while Sweden edged out Italy to secure their spots in next summer's tournament, while Belgium and Mexico played out a thrilling 3-3 draw in Heysel.

Meanwhile, despite the Premier League taking a weekend off there was still decent action in the lower divisions as players from the third and fourth tiers caught the eye.

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